On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

Despite all the concern about how slowly the calendar was moving through February and March, April 1st is indeed approaching. We now have 321 registered riders, and I am sure many of you are going to be out and about over the first few weeks of April visiting some of the destinations.

  • Be safe. There is no race to be the first one finished.
  • Read the rules and frequently asked questions one more time.
  • As a reminder, your picture must include your bike, your flag with the number easily readable, and the destination object. We need to know you were there!
  • The only way to get your picture scored is to email it to pnwgrandtour@gmail.com. We will not score anything from the Facebook page.
  • Please remember to include your rider number and the destination code in your e-mail, preferably in the subject line. It helps us score your pictures more efficiently.
  • The scoring team will be working through your pictures on a daily basis. Sometimes you might get a response nearly real time, sometimes not until the next morning. There is no promise of a quick turnaround, so please don’t wait around at the destination. Just make sure your picture has your bike, flag and the object visible 🙂

Remember, the object of this event is to have fun.

We look forward to seeing your flags out there!

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  1. I would suggest taking several photos and holding on to them until your visit has been recorded just in case the scoring team is unable to view your original. Save you a trip back unless you really want to revisit the place.

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