Linky Links!

I am going to try to gather some resources for other riding oriented sites that might entertain you until your riding season starts. All links are legitimate sites, but enter at your own risk! I am not responsible for your wasting an entire evening listening to Long Riders Radio podcasts or surfing through other rally pictures…LOL!

Long Riders Radio

A friend and fellow PNWGT rider hosts a podcast with interviews with some of the legendary names of long distance motorcycle riding. Go over and check it out!

Tour of Honor

There are several PNWGT riders who also participate in the Tour of Honor. This is a super fun event that is well run and can be very meaningful (it is to me!). There are several elements of PNWGT that I modeled after the Tour of Honor because of how well I believe the rally operates.

How the West Was Won

Looking for a timed rally that is well run and a ton of fun? HW3 (as it is affectionally shortened to) is a 32 hour timed rally run out of Grand Junction, CO, usually in the August timeframe. The web site doesn’t list the dates for 2021, yet. I reached out to the rally master and was told he is not planning to run it in 2021. Stay tuned, and I will try to post an update if I hear of changes.

North by Northwest Rally

Another well run timed rally and a little closer to home. This one is planned as a 60 hour timed rally that runs out of Bend, OR in early September. I rode this rally in 2020 in its inaugural season and it was a ton of fun and well run.