Weekly Update (August 7th)

I have finalized the design for the 2022 tee-shirt. Price will be $22 each (includes shipping). Use the link below the picture to visit the order form on the website and get yours! Order by August 21st, please! I will submit the order and hope to mail them out to you all by the first…More

Update (August 1st)

Wow, it got hot! And I am sure that kept some of you away from longer rides. I know heat is near the top of my least favorite riding conditions. Even though it was a lot warmer last week, we still had some good activity. 8 new finishers – (Tim Watts (063), John Cooper (183),…More

Update (July 25th)

There has been lots of activity over the past 2 weeks. Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening: 150 riders have visited at least one locations (12 riders have collected their first visit in the past 2 weeks). Those 150 riders have visited 1061 locations so far! We now have 36 “Finishers” – new finishers since…More

Weekly Update (July 11th)

I know it has been a while since the last update. I was entered in a rally, then had an accident and have been at home recovering and trying to find a comfortable position to sit long enough to write a quick note. We have had 13 new finishers (total of 21) since the last…More

Weekly Update (June 13th)

I guess in the grand scheme of things, I would rather have rain than days of 100+ temperatures. But it is getting harder to have that positive attitude about the weather. I now have to add not having to water the lawn to keep the HOA happy to the list – that should work for…More

Weekly Update (June 6th)

Another good week and business is picking up! But first, the business 🙂 Let’s talk about GT17 (Aquarius Campground). I went up there last week for the first time (I scouted it virtually for this year’s rally). One other rider had visited this year and provided me some feedback, so I really wanted to get…More

Weekly Update (May 30th)

10 more riders got out and collected their first visits this past week, and 2 riders achieved Finisher status (Ian Sibbald and Tim Seawel). Quite a few of you took advantage of a few days of good weather to go to spots in every state except Montana. Given the tenacious hold that winter has on…More

Another (2) Weeks Down!

The weather…it will get better! I was talking to friends that live just outside Denver and they shared that they had received something like 16 inches of snow from a storm last week. So I guess it could be worse? But seriously, it has been improving and we are starting to see the activity pick…More