Week 2 Update

We have 334 riders signed up right now, and 63 of you have visited at least 1 destination so far. There have been a total of 107 visits sent in to us. For the most part, the pictures have been great! There have been a few misses. Please read the description of the destination before…More

Good First Week!

It was a lot of fun seeing several riders get out and visit some of our destinations the first few days of April. Take a look at the Rally Stats page to see a full summary, and look at the Rider Stats page for individual results. 37 Riders visited 52 sites. WA-5 in Ilwaco was…More

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

Despite all the concern about how slowly the calendar was moving through February and March, April 1st is indeed approaching. We now have 321 registered riders, and I am sure many of you are going to be out and about over the first few weeks of April visiting some of the destinations. Be safe. There…More

316 Registered Riders!

And I thought 50 would be a good number when this all started! Reminder – the rally doesn’t start until April 1st… For those of you signed up and waiting on a flag, FedEx tells me the box arrives Monday, so I should be able to get them mailed on Tuesday morning. I know most…More

Just a Few More Weeks :)

I think rider 066 is either lost or is trying to set himself up for the absolute longest ride possible at the start of our rally (which, by the way, is April 1st). LOL…I love it! Taking the flag to the Florida keys. We also have registered riders in Alaska, so if they post a…More

Planning is Underway!

Thanks to your generous donations to the YMCA, I wrote the first check for $1,200. The YMCA is going to recognize our efforts with a banner that will be hung inside the facility where I work. I’ll post a picture when the banner arrives. I am toying around with the idea of hosting a ride-to-meet…More

“Check is in the Mail”

Well, maybe not a check, but I did drop all 200+ rally packs in the mail this morning. They are headed your way now. Let me know if something is not right when you receive yours. I also updated the web site to post the full destination list, all the sample images and a .gpx…More

Almost Ready to Mail!

We hit a significant milestone this morning – 200 riders registered! And to think that I believed I would be lucky to see 50 riders this first year. Almost all envelopes are stuffed, stamped and addressed. I have a little more to do and will drop them in the mail later this week. Next weekend…More

New Info Added to Website

I added a page to the rider resources menu called Linky Links. I added links to a few riding pages I find interesting and I hope you find them interesting, too. Here are some numbers from the rally: 195 riders registered so far from as far away as Texas, Alaska and Missouri! I don’t want…More

Why the YMCA?

You guys really humble me. Through your generosity, we have raised $670 (and counting) for the YMCA. I honestly can’t say I knew what to expect. I knew we would get some donations but never imagined it would grow so well. So why did I pick the YMCA? There are many worthy charitable organizations out…More