Another (2) Weeks Down!

The weather…it will get better! I was talking to friends that live just outside Denver and they shared that they had received something like 16 inches of snow from a storm last week. So I guess it could be worse? But seriously, it has been improving and we are starting to see the activity pick…More

First Visit to Montana!

It was a slow week. 6 more riders made their first visit to locations in Washington and one rider finally made it out to Montana. Cold, wet and windy – not ideal! I was checking web cams this morning to prepare for a ride later this week and most major passes over the Cascades in…More

One Month Down, Where’s the Sun?

Some of us got out and about this past week. We had 10 more riders earn their first visit and added a total of 26 visits to the total (now 146). I just know the weather has to get better soon and we will see a lot more activity when that happens. Not surprisingly, the…More

Another Week, Another Scoring Lesson Learned :)

Business first… We learned something about the scoring system this week. The system we have set up only recognizes one image from any email you send, so if there are multiple images, the scoring team doesn’t see them. How does this affect you? If you send us an email with two (or more) pictures, we…More

A Cold, Wet Week

April sucks so far, am I right??? The weather has definitely kept riders home more this past week. We only had a handful of riders out collecting a jaw-dropping 14 locations…LOL! But better weather is on the horizon (he chants to himself over and over and over). We did see some activity. Several riders picked…More

One Week Down

It has been a busy week with quite a few riders getting out last weekend to visit locations in every state except Montana. It looks like the practice sending pictures to the scoring email worked out pretty well, too. We had very few issues on our end. I would be interested to know if any…More

Correction for GT18 – Bear Lake County Courthouse

Well, the best laid plans and all that. The courthouse is dead, long live the new courthouse! Rider Doug Blair went out to Bear Lake County courthouse (GT18 over in the great state of Idaho) over the weekend only to find it had been destroyed and replaced with a new courthouse a very short distance…More

The Day Before the Best Day of the Year :)

Many of you have plans to get out and enjoy our wonderful roads in the PNW – I am joining you, too! Be safe, enjoy the ride and stay warm! Make sure you know where you are going and what you are supposed to include in your picture. As a friendly reminder: Your motorcycle (or…More

GT16 Update (Steptoe Butte)

The state park website says the road to the top of Steptoe Butte will be closed for construction this year. Tim Seawel and I went out there on Friday (3/26) to scout an alternate location and the road is still open with no signs of work. We saw no signs of preparation for work, either…More

New Scoring System Ready for Testing

I think I mentioned that we were developing a new scoring system to improve the experience for both riders and scoring team alike. Well, the bones are in place and it is ready for testing. We have added a link to the new “Scoreboard” in the menu at the top of the web page, and…More