Rules & Registration

  • Ride Safe. Be Alert. Wear appropriate gear.  This is a self-guided tour.  Some of the destinations may be on little used roads with the possibility of wildlife, gravel, potholes, or whatever. Be Cautious. You are responsible for riding within your limits and the tour assumes no responsibility for your safety.
  • “It’s not the destination, it’s the RIDE”.  Locations were picked because many are on great roads.  Enjoy yourself!
  • Ride your motorcycle to the destination and take a picture of the object described in the destination list with your motorcycle and provided rally flag in the picture. The locations will be picked to limit/eliminate confusion. Your picture does not have to be a perfect match to any provided sample image, but it should include enough of the object described in the destination guide to show that you are at the correct location.
  • E-mail your submission to the tour ( when convenient. The picture does not have to be sent from the destination. Please include your rider number and the location of the destination you are submitting (we prefer you use the destination listing code) in the subject line of the e-mail. For example, your e-mail subject line could read “001 WA1” or “Rider 001 Visits WA1!!!” or “Rider 001 rides through 5 hours of rain to visit WA1”. The subject line does not have to be any particular format, but including your rider number and destination code helps us score the pictures more efficiently!
  • Final decisions about whether you made it to the correct location are made by the tour. We intend to be liberal in our approach to scoring to keep it enjoyable for everyone.
  • Reach finisher status by successfully visiting all 8 locations in Washington, Oregon or Idaho, or by visiting at least 12 locations in any combination of states.

Interested in joining the fun? Check back with us early in 2022 to register for the 2022 PNW Grand Tour. Registration for 2021 is closed.