YMCA Donation (Optional)

Disclaimer – I work for my local YMCA on a part-time basis. No part of any donation from riders benefits me directly or indirectly. Recognition for annual donations is credited to the rally, not to me personally.

Our Executive Director, Emily, and Director of Regional Philanthropy, Garry.

So why the Y? Few people understand that the YMCA is more than just a swim and gym. It is that, and a good one (at least in my town). However, so much more happens in the background. What do our donations do for the Y and the community the Y serves?

  • Financial assistance for low income families to ensure they have the same access and opportunities to our facilities and programs.
  • Free memberships for foster children through age 18.
  • Subsidized participation in youth sports leagues for low income families.
  • Subsidized participation in summer day camps for low income families.
  • And a lot more!
  • Our donations DO NOT pay salaries or keep the lights on – they are used to help people who need help.

I enjoy the feeling I get being a part of an organization so focused on community. That’s why I ask, that’s why I give and that’s why I work there.

Optional YMCA Donation
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